Mountain Mist Tarp (Lead time 3 months)


Weight: 386g (2.9m x 2.9m with 23 tie outs)


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*As of the 9th of January 2022 the Mist Tarps now come with cord and pegs as standard.

This tarp is named after the Mountain Mist frog or Nyakala frog (Litoria nyakalensis). Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests and rivers of north eastern Queensland. It is regarded as being critically endandered.

The Mountain Mist tarps are our range of versatile flat tarps primarily designed for those looking for a lightweight and compact ground shelter, though the longer tarps can also be used for hammock camping.

Various sizes and configurations are offered allowing you to get exactly what you need.

You choose your desired ridgeline length, width and number of tie outs required.

Fabric is 20 denier Xenon Sil(Poly) 
All tie outs reinforced with 210 denier silicone coated nylon
Ridgeline is constructed with a unique method which is extremely strong and durable, with the high tenacity thread passing through 6 layers of fabric.
Made in Deloraine, Tasmania.

1 x Stuff sack
20m x Bandy-bandy reflective cord
8 x TGT Pegs

2.9 x 2.9m  = 386g with 23 tie outs (no hardware) 

Number of tie outs:
Now optional. Choose how many you require. The image of the 2.7 x 2.1 tarp shows the standard tie out configuration for all tarp sizes. Add additional if you like but the standard offering is suitable for most people.

Seam Sealing required. You will need to seal the ridgeline and panel pulls with a 100% silicone sealant. At present we are unable to offer this service.


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Verified purchaseNSW13 May 2022

Guys, my 2.7*2.7 tarp is fantastic. The stitching is top quality, it's a good size and has everything I could ever need in a tarp.

Size wise, it packs down so small compared to my previous shelter, and it's just the right size for 2 people under an A frame (or I can experiment with other pitches on my own).

I will say though, that the Bandy Bandy cord I bought along side it (this was before you offered it as standard) was a little too thin and fiddly for my fat fingers, so I ended up buying something a little thicker.

I've loved using it so far, thank you very much for making it!

Rick The Human

Verified purchaseSW Tasmania23 February 2022

Tried and tested in the mountains of Tasmania. Kept me dry warm and comfortable in all kinds of weather. Strong, Ultralight, Versatile and Made in Tassie!

Brenda Lapham

Verified purchaseBrisbane26 May 2021

I recently ordered a Mountain Mist Tarp from the Tier team, we took this on our hike to Hinchinbrook Island. The quality was great, it is nice and light and saved us one morning when it rained, we set up the tarp over a table where we were camping to have brekkie under and packed up our packs etc. underneath.

Doug Rutherford

Verified purchaseWarnbro26 April 2021

Would have given it a 5/5 except for the material is crazy slippery and hard to handle when repacking and trying to get the air out while folding neatly. Haven't tried a stuff sack so that may work better. Only other issue was the location of the Ridge loops. My favourite configuration for a tarp is to come in one loop and place a fork stick over which I tension the Ridge with a bungy down to a stake. This closes the foot end of the tarp. Standard army hootchie loops perfect spacing to make this work. Loops on the tarp are spaced differently so did not work as well. Didn't get heavy rain but handled the dew and light rain and winds well. At half the weight of a standard army hootchie it was perfect weight for size.


Verified purchaseMelbourne26 April 2021

A beautiful high quality product that is worth every cent. Thanks Simon for being so good about getting this to me on time for my hike.

Daniele Milazzo

Verified purchaseBrisbane03 September 2020

Simon had done an amazing job with this tarp, always useful and supporting through out the process. Now need to go out and use it. Absolutely recommended.

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