Mountain Mist Tarp

Mountain Mist Tarp



Please note these tarps are made to order and lead times are currently around 5 weeks.

This tarp is named after the Mountain Mist frog or Nyakala frog (Litoria nyakalensis). Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests and rivers of north eastern Queensland. It is regarded as being critically  endandered.

The Mountain Mist tarps are our range of versatile flat tarps primarily designed for those looking for a lightweight and compact ground shelter.

Various sizes and configurations are offered allowing you to get exactly what you need.

You choose your desired ridgeline length, width and number of tie outs required.

Fabric is 20 denier Xenon Sil(Poly) 
Hardware used is 20mm Beastee Dees
All tie outs reinforced with 210 denier silicone coated nylon
Ridgeline is constructed with a unique method which is extremely strong and durable, with the high tenacity thread passing through 6 layers of fabric.
Comes with stuff sack.
Made in Deloraine, Tasmania.

2.7 x 2.1 = 299g with 8 tie outs
2.7x 2.7 = 388g with 21 tie outs

Number of tie outs:
Now optional. Choose how many you require.

Seam Sealing required. You will need to seal the ridgeline and panel pulls with a 100% silicone sealant. At present we are unable to offer this service.

Tier Gear Tasmania ABN: 44353556145

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