Hydration Tube - EBY271


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Designed to fit with any EVERNEW water carry system

Bite valve cover keeps it clean at all times

Shut off valve keeps the contents from dripping

Sterilizable by boiling *except clips


Material : Cap = Polypropylene, Tube = Elastomer, Clip = Polycarbonate

Size : Outer tube: 75 cm (29.53 inches) / Inner tube:34 cm (13.39 inches)

Country of origin:JAPAN


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Benjamin Smee

Verified purchaseNSW15 March 2022

I had high hopes for this, and while it's functional it's not as good as you'd expect from Evernew. There are two issues that I have with the tube. The first is that the cover for the mouthpiece doesn't effectively close, it has a habit of opening up, which isn't a deal breaker, but it's not great if you're expecting it to keep the mouthpiece clean. The second is a deal breaker, there are a number of holes in the top of the lid where the tube attaches to the water bottle. These are necessary I assume so that air can get in when you're sucking from the tube, however, it has the effect that if you have the water bottle in any position other than upright, it will leak quite extensively.

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