Nabetsucam Pot Lifter- EBY168


Weight: 14g

$28.00 $25.00

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    Compact handle with a simple shape
    The Duplex material is twice as strong and spring-loaded as regular stainless steel.
    Small but lifts up to 1L of water. 

    Size: 20 x 75mm
    Weight: 14g

    Made by Evernew Japan.


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    Verified purchase27 October 2023

    These are good. But they will not work with military surplus G.I.canteen cups because either the rim of the cups are curved or the wall of the cup is not 90 degrees to the rim, which makes it slip.


    Verified purchasePerth26 October 2022

    Sick of constantly burning my fingers or burning other items of clothing i thought this might be a solution for picking up hot titanium pots, IT IS! I use it with both a small 300ml and larger 650ml pot, works with both no problem, can also tip contents out whilst gripping, love this thing.

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