Fozzils Snapfold™ Solo Pack


Weight: 112g


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The world's lightest pack flat dinnerware.

Complete 3 pc. set (Cup, Bowl, Dish). Fozzils Solo Pack is the dinnerware of choice for backpacking, travel, biking, hiking, RV, boating, picnics, and mountaineering – even at the office or for pets. Save space and weight, fold and store flat. Convenient measuring lines for food prep, easy-clean non-stick surface. A durable, reusable alternative to disposables (BPA free).

Pack, fold, and store flat
Light weight. Complete set weighs just 112g.
Non-stick, easy clean surface. BPA free
Convenient, durable alternative to disposables
Colour is charcoal grey

Cup: 33g
Bowl: 39g
Dish: 40g

Cup: 250ml
Bowl: 500ml


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Verified purchaseNSW13 January 2022

Gave these a go on a recent short hike - was looking for something packable so I could carry for two people (the boy's first hike, little legs can only carry so much). They just slid down the back of my pack, nice and easy.

Were better than I expected to use. Thought size or shape of the folds would make them awkward. Nope, hold a good amount of food and were easy to hold and quite stable. First fold was a little stiff, but easier after that.

The cup might get hot if used for hot drinks, but I've got a separate mug for that anyway.

Unfolding then makes them really easy to clean, too - scrape and wipe with a damp cloth, so used minimal water there, too.

I'm sure there are lighter options (I might even own a couple), but it's hard to beat the space saving nature of these.

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