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Flame visible ultra light outdoor stove (pot stand and light wind screen) -Micro meshed 0.17mm thin stainless steel sheet. -Assemble in a cylindrical shape and put an alcohol stove, solid fuel, etc. inside the stove. -Only 17g. Can be stacked in mug cup. -Size adjustable system. -Max load: 1kgf -Snug fit with EVERNEW titanium mug pot 500/900 groove -SIZE: D82 x H67mm -Can be used with spirit stove (such as Trangia, Esbit, EVERNEW) and solid fuel. PAT.P

Weight: 17g
Size: D82 x H67mm
Max load: 1kgf
Material: Micro meshed 0.17mm thin stainless steel sheet


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Verified purchaseGippsland, Victoria30 December 2020

I have used this a few times when i need to make a quick coffee when I'm out on my bike. A perfect fit for my Evernew Ti Alcohol stove, combined with my Ti Mug 400. The part i enjoy with my Evernew gear, is it all (nearly) fits inside each other. Simple yet effective.


Verified purchase02 December 2020

This is a really handy piece of kit. Extremely light weight and works well with a small Titanium pot. It does need to rest on a firm surface (for stability). Have used it with solid fuel with good results. If you are into ultra lightweight backpacking this might be for you.


Victoria23 November 2020

Excellent product, works well with my Toaks 650mL pot and Trangia stove. Would highly recommend.

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