Vesuv Titanium Windshield


For Evernew Pots

$45.00 $40.00

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VESUV windshields are specifically designed to work with 0.9 (ECA252R - Click here) and 1.3 litre (ECA253R - Click here ) Evernew pots. They provide more efficiency, stability and comfort while cooking outdoors with your titanium Evernew cooking pot and alcohol stove.

Made from ultralight 0.1 mm titanium foil, the VESUV windshield is easy to use, and rolls up compactly in a heavy duty Tyvek sleeve (included).

Windshield and stove fit together in the pot, making it easy to pack. You will love how effective this windscreen is, with hardly any weight adding to your pack. 

Improves fuel efficiency
Rolls up compactly
Packs super light
VESUV windshields - stable and safe
Acts as pot stand and windscreen

Please note: Pots and stove are not included.

For pot 0.9L

Weight: 24 g
Dimensions: Ø155 x 125 mm
Dimensions when packed: Ø32 x 127 mm

For pot 1.3L

Weight: 32 g
Dimensions: Ø175 x 143 mm
Dimensions when packed: Ø34 x 145 mm


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Verified purchaseForest Grove, WA16 April 2022

Paired this with a 900ml Evernew pot(also bought from Tier Gear). Have used it with several different meths stoves and have had good results.
I like it is really stable and wind resistant. Definitely helps to increase efficiency.

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