TABI Titanium Firepit 


Weight: 423g


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TABI is characterized by its ultralight titanium construction & compact fold-flat design. It weighs only 423g and folds to 15mm thick for packing in backpack.

It can hold large firewood when the side plates are removed.

Trench on the main panel helps air flow and boosts combustion efficiency.

Comes with a barbecue grill net convenient for solo cooking.

Fits the needs of solo camping, hiking, fishing and sea kayaking.

Main panel: 280g (firepit + legs) + 125g (side plate + barbecue grill net)

The whole piece weighs 423g and even as ultralight as about 298g when grill net and side plates are removed.

Side plates can also serve as wind-break. When unloaded, the fire-pit can hold 40cm long firewood.

Titanium fire pit is stably supported by 3 stainless steel legs.

Ultralight but loading is up to 15kg.

Grill net is designed to be able to lock with the main panel and support stable cooking.

Folds to 1.5cm thick and fits in backpack.

Main panel: Titanium, Legs & BBQ grill net : 18-8 stainless steel. Carry bag: nylon

In use: 237×360×170mm、When packed:178×360×15mm

423g(Main panel:  298g、Side Plate: 29g、BBQ grill net:  96g)

Firepit: 15kg、BBQ grill net: 3kg

Country of Origin: Japan

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