Ultralight Aluminium Pot (700ml) ECA149


Weight: 106g

$85.00 $69.00

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Introducing the lightweight hard-anodized aluminum pot with a durable Titanium plasma non-stick coating from Evernew. This pot is designed for outdoor enthusiasts who prioritize weight savings and durability without compromising on performance.

Weighing just 106g and with a volume of 700ml, this pot is perfect for solo adventurers looking to cook meals on the trail. The pot's size features an inner diameter of 12.7cm and a depth of 5.8cm, providing ample space for cooking your favorite outdoor meals.

The pot now comes standard with a titanium lid, weighing 28g, adding versatility and convenience to your outdoor cooking setup.

Upgrade your camping kitchen with the Evernew lightweight pot and enjoy durable, non-stick cooking performance wherever your adventures take you.


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