Ti (Solo) Cup 400ml EBY265R


Made in Japan


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A lightweight 400ml titanium cup with volume markings for easy measurement.

The Titanium Cup 760FD EBY270R can nest in this cup (sold separately)
mulTi Dish can be used as a lid for the cup and weighs  just 13g
Volume markings inside of the cup for easy measurement

Weight : 50 g (1.76 oz.)
Material : Titanium
Size (ID) : 9.5 x 5.8 cm (3.74 x 2.28 inches)
Capacity : 400ml
Country of origin´╝ÜJAPAN


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Kate Grarock

Verified purchaseCanberra23 September 2021

A brilliant little mug that nests around my cook pot. Love this combo. Thanks


Verified purchase11 June 2021

This mug is super lightweight and comfortable to use with the grip handles. It's large enough for boiling water for dehydrating a meal in my other mug but also a good size for drinking tea/coffee out of.

My main set up is GSI Minimalist and the lid from it fits on this mug nicely. Also the Minimalist pot fits into this mug if not using the cozy. I'm hoping to upgrade my Minimalist pot for a similar Evernew pot in the future due to the weight saving, the measurement markings and the handles.


Verified purchase02 December 2020

If you want a small Titanium cup/pot which takes up less space in the backpack then this is worth considering. Is good for that morning coffee whilst out over nighting. Is best used combined with the companion titanium dish lid.

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