Backcountry Almi Pot (650ml) ECA135


Weight: 140g

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Introducing Evernew's versatile anodized aluminum cooking pot, designed for outdoor cooking enthusiasts seeking durability and functionality. Crafted with care, this pot is made from high-quality aluminum, allowing it to be used for all types of cooking, including over a fire.

The pot features a removable bail handle and a flat lid, making it easy to use for various cooking methods. It can also be used as a small camp oven, with charcoal placed on the lid to provide heat from the top, creating a unique cooking experience.

The bail handle is designed for hanging from a tripod, with one side able to be firmly folded down and the other side standing up without falling down, providing stability and convenience during cooking.


  • Size: Diameter 122× Depth 67mm
  • Material: Anodized Aluminum Body/Stainless Steel Handle
  • Volume: 650ml
  • Weight: 140g
  • Country of Production: Made in Japan

Upgrade your outdoor cooking setup with our anodized aluminum cooking pot and enjoy versatile and reliable cooking performance wherever your adventures take you.

Size: Diameter 122× depth 67mm
Material: Aluminum (anodized)Body/ Stainless steel handle
Volume; 650ml
Weight: 140g
Country of production: Made in Japan


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Verified purchase27 August 2021

Lovely little pot. It's ideal for cooking for one.

Ross Jamieson

Verified purchaseKatoomba16 June 2021

Love this little pot! It is at home on the metho stove, gas burner or fire. The lid fits well, but is easy to get off. The bail hook stays up for easy on/off the coals with a stick or glove. Tie a cord to the handle and throw it in the river if you can’t easily access the water. Flat bottomed so it stays upright on the fire and the aluminium cleans up easily. If it came with a carry bag it would be perfect. Thanks Simon!

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