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Collapsible coffee dripper (Small) from Munieq in Japan

Stores flat, minimalist design
Lightweight, easy to assemble, combines stability and portability
Brews up to 1.5 cups of coffee, compatible with conical filters
Can be placed on a cup/bottle with a mouth diameter of 40-95mm

Product Info:
Folded size - 106 x 69 x 0.9mm
Capacity - 1.5cup
Weight - 25.5g
Material - stainless steel
Paper filter - standard conical type

*International patent pending

“I wish I could pour over my favorite coffee and drink it even in travel destinations or outdoor fields". Have you ever thought so? Mostly coffee dripper which you use every morning is too bulky to carry it. So there are many outdoor coffee drippers that can be folded, but some of which lack stability, or some of which is heavy or thick even in folding condition. Therefore, we narrowed down three functions demanded for mobile coffee dripper to "portability", "stability" and "serve it deliciously", We established a concept to balance these in a high level, and Tetra Drip was developed.


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Catherine Myson

Verified purchaseSydney04 July 2021

This delivers a really great cup of coffee. I’ve tried many, many ways to get a decent cup of coffee while on multi-night trips and this is hands down the best - and to top it off, the LIGHTEST!


Verified purchaseWestern Australia12 March 2021

ultra-light coffee dripper packs down to credit card size, accepts popular 01 size hario v60 paper, works well, great way to brew coffee on adventures


Verified purchase17 September 2020

Just fantastic. Took it on the Tour Aotearoa beginning of the year and now I take it into work. So good I just bought my daughter one.

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