Titanium Hook Peg (Single)


Made in the USA


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The Titanium Hook Pegs feature a design improvement over traditional sheppard hook peg which puts the Apex of our peg over the spine. This makes our tent pegs stronger and easier to drive. The Ultralight pegs are some of the lightest on the market and work great in medium to firm rocky soils. They come in two sizes - Ultralight and Burly. The Burly stakes are our UL stakes on steriods. They are made from a much thicker rod and are by far the strongest titanium hook style stake available. 

If you want to save every gram then choose the Ultralight if you want better holding power and additional strength then choose the Burly.

Length: 165mm
Weight: 6.6g
Country of Origin: USA

Length: 193mm
Weight: 11g
Diameter: 3.8mm
Country of origin: USA


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Verified purchase24 June 2021

Great product.

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