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Spectra Guywire - 15m

Spectra Guywire - 15m



Spectra Guywire by Lawson's Equipment is the same as the Guywire Accessory Cord but with a Spectra core offering increased strength but with the same ability to take knots.

While it works great as an all around do anything product‚ it was designed to be used as a guyline for low stretch applications such as guying out tents‚ tarps and shelters. The cord is constructed with a High Tenacity UV resistant polyester jacket and a Spectra core. This results in a finished product that is strong‚ low stretch‚ uv resistant‚ and very tangle resistant. This cord is manufactured in house on our braiding machines using the best quality yarns available.

Diameter = 2mm

Breaking strength = 230kg

Weight = 52grams per 15m hank.

Colours: Red with black and yellow speck

Made in the USA.

Team the Spectra Guywire up with the easy to use Clamcleat Line-Loks if you don't want to be tying knots - available HERE.

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