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NAMA Claws, the newest hardware accessory for your tarp, are destined to become your favorite. They replace any hardware or knots that you currently use, and do so in style. They can be used anywhere in your tarp ridgeline or as a tensioner for your stake tie-out lines. NAMA Claws are designed for use with 1.75mm dyneema line (like our Mallee Wire) , but will work well with line diameters ranging from 1.2mm up to 1.8mm.

They are sold individually.

Material - Stainless Steel
Weight - 3.5 grams
Overall length - 24mm
Overall width - 8mm


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Verified purchaseBARDON04 September 2021

I now use 3 nama claws for my tarp rideline - two for tarp tensioning and one for ridgeline tensioning, with a dutch clip at the other end. Makes tarp set up super fast and highly adjustable. The claws locks in place very tightly once all adjustments have been made. Highly recommended. Slide all the claws to one end of the ridgeline when packing up to avoid a tangled line. Set up is the green tarp on the right.

David Whitfield

Verified purchaseBrisbane09 March 2021

These Nama Claws have made my tarp setup much easier, it's not because I can't do knots. it's because I no longer have to tie off my lorry drivers hitch after it's taught, sometimes we have really large trees to go around but now the limited line can be cinched just in this nama claw. The nama claw will not slip when it's taught but I am finding it a bit difficult to loosen it off, there might be a trick to it but I haven't figured it out yet. that's why it's 4/5 stars.

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