Large Bluescrews (x2)


For sand, mud, snow & underwater

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Voted the Worlds Best Ground Anchor from 25 different styles of ground anchor worldwide in 3 of 4 different types of soil - Bluescrew Ground Anchors are simple to use, allow for massive tiedown as well as multi-direction resistance in soil, sand, mud, snow & underwater.

Q. Why use a Bluescrew Ground Anchor instead of traditional tent pegs.

A. Unlike traditional tent pegs which rely on soil bearing pressure and dislodge when the ground is soft or becomes wet, Bluescrews work in tension and therefore remain in the ground in soft and wet soil due to our unique helix which is buried well below the ground surface. The result is that you can pull on a Bluescrew from numerous directions simultaneously, tie vertical ropes to vertical Bluescrews so you don’t trip over the ropes and they will even work underwater. There are reasons based on Mathematics and Physics Principles why the Bluescrew works the way it does and why you can install them without any tools. Incredibly, the Bluescrew will resist approximately 1,500 times its own weight. Don’t be fooled by bulky, less effective, yet more expensive copies. We were the first to launch the tool-free screw in tent peg back in 2004. We know our stuff!

Individual Bluescrew: 580mm in length and 112g in weight