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Ironwire High Strength Accessory Cord x 15m



Product Details:

Lawson Equipment manufacture Ironwire to be extremely strong, low stretch, and tangle resistant. It is constructed with a High Tenacity Polyester Jacket and a Dyneema SK75 Core. It can be used for any application you can think of and will become your new favorite HIGH STRENGTH accessory cord. Made in the USA, using the best materials on Earth!

Construction Type, Technical Details & Materials:

Kernmantle Construction. Not Spliceable. High Tenacity Polyester Jacket w/ Dyneema SK75 Parallel Fiber Core. Very High Strength. Very Low Stretch. UV Resistant. Does not Freeze.

Size: 2mm (5/64"), Weight Per Metre: 3.2 grams, Avg. Break Strength: 294kg (650 lbs)

What sets our Ironwire apart from other high strength Accessory Cords?

We use the best yarns possible. We braid the line so its strong, low stretch and very tangle resistant. We give you more product for less money. We design the line to work really great and we make it ourselves.

FAQ.. How to melt the core and jacket together?

Since the core is made from Dyneema and the Jacket is make from Polyester. The ends do not like to melt together due to the different chemistries. The simple and easy solution is to go back from the end about a foot or two and milk the Polyester jacket over the core. Once you make the Polyester jacket longer then the core (you only need to make it about 1/8"), then its time to melt it the ends again. The Polyester will encapsulate over the Dyneema locking it in place. It works great and is a permanent solution. You can use this method will all cords/ropes with Dyneema, Spectra, Technora, or Vectran Cores and Nylon or Polyester Jackets.

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