Nama Claws Continuous Ridgeline



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Continuous ridgeline for hammock tarps.  This is one of the simplest methods we have used for setting up your tarp. The Nama Claws are easy to adjust and very secure. We have a Dutch Hook spliced onto one end of the line, with three free-sliding Nama Claws and the free end is back-spliced. 

Weight is less than 30grams.

Nama Claws x 3
Dutch Hook x 1
Mulga Cord x 10 metres 
Colour is grey or orange

Watch the video below to see how to setup the Nama Claw Continuous Ridgeline


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Shannon Cawthorne

Verified purchaseNSW22 April 2023

Best ridgeline for a hammock tarp / tarp setup. Makes aligning the tarp so much easier and setup so quick and simple.
The speed and ease of setup also make changing the configuration of your tarp a breeze when your trying something new or need to change the setup for weather changes.
Best investment ive made for my hammock setup.


Verified purchaseKelmscott, WA26 October 2022

One of my favourite pieces of gear, i use it for my Tarp, as a standalone ridgeline for hanging clothes and attaching bug nets and bivys, a truely multi use item that i reach for all the time.


Verified purchaseKatoomba10 February 2022

What’s that, asked my wife, when a strange package arrived from Tassie. Nama Claws - nanna claws she said! So Nanna Claws they are. Hammock geeks love to fiddle, and these take fiddling to a new level! Definitely getting some for my guy lines. The photo is ridge line with Nannas deployed on recent Ettrema Gorge trip - Tier Gear hammock and quilts perfectly centred under tarp. Thanks Simon 🤙

Marcus Peterson

Verified purchaseSydney08 November 2021

Great piece of kit, allowed me to quickly put up some shelter before a storm hit on the weekend. The Nama claws locked in really well and didn’t slip all night. Very impressed.

Adam Carroll

Verified purchaseSouth Yarra12 May 2021

Great piece of kit! Makes setup/pack-down a breeze and tarp centering a piece of cake. I've found the length to be perfect, always enough with plenty leftover. Also, it's amazingly light. I recommend taking the time to pack it away nicely, as the claws and hooks will create some epic tangles if you just bunch it up.

Ross P

Verified purchase09 January 2021

Being able to set-up a tarp and tension it in under a minute sounds fanciful, but you can do it using the Nama Claws Continuous Ridgeline. I used the ridgeline recently when walking the South Coast Track in Tasmania where sudden rain showers are the norm. When we had to set up the tarp using the Nama Claws Ridgeline, it was stunningly quick and efficient. Highly recommended.

Peter Laffan

Verified purchaseNsw26 October 2020

Excellent product used on the weekend for a remote walk in the Oxley wild rivers np. Now part of my permanent kit.

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