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Quenda Quilt

Quenda Quilt



*Please note our quilts are made to order and current lead times are in excess of 8 weeks.

The Quenda quilts are versatile, ultralight and highly compressible. Popular with those who are looking to reduce their pack weight or prefer the freedom of a quilt to a restrictive mummy bag.

Standard Inclusions:
Insulation: Water repellant 850 FP HyperDry Grey Duck Down RDS certified (Responsible Down Standard). Sourced direct from Allied Feather and Down.

Baffle Style: Box baffle - new design for 2019 with a mix of horizontal baffles at the core of the quilt and vertical baffles on the periphery. The side vertical baffles help keep the down situated on top of your torso and prevents any unwanted down migration.

Offset dual draw cord and snap at the head end allows you to seal in the warmth. The draw cord is offset at either side of the top of the quilt so it is easily reached for venting or sealing in the warmth whilst you are snuggled in the quilt but remains away from your face.

Pad and back straps - you get two sets of straps. 1. A shorter set which simply attach to the quilt buckles to pull the edges under you‚ but not attached to the pad. 2. A set of straps which go around your sleeping pad and then attach the quilt to your pad. You can use either‚ a combination of the two or none depending on your preference.

Adjustable Footbox: The adjustable footbox uses snaps and a draw cord to form the footbox. This allows the user to have a closed footbox‚ or open it right up and use it like a blanket. Being able to open the quilt up can also be useful for drying the quilt quicker if you happen to get some  moisture on the footbox during the night.

Stuff sack included


Draft Collar - this provides a better seal around the neck and shoulders helping to keep in the warmth. It can also be a bit more comfortable. It is recommended for lower temperatures.

Various widths are available for Shoulder, Hip and Foot, so that you can tailor the fit of the quilt to your own needs.
For the shoulder width adding 15cm to your shoulder circumference provides a good starting point for a back sleeper but if you are a side sleeper or restless then adding 20+cm can be of benefit. Having a little bit more width on a quilt can be helpful especially in really cold temperatures.

165 - for people up to 165cm
178  - for people up to 178cm
190 - for people up to 190cm
203 - for people up to 203cm

Note: If you are close to the maximum height listed above consider moving up a size.

Temperature ratings (lower limit):


Inner Fabric Options: (10 denier is our usual standard inner being lighter weight and more breathable than the 15 denier)
10 Denier - Charcoal Grey
15 Denier - Dark Olive, Moroccan Blue, Orange

Outer fabric options (15 denier standard):
Dark Olive, Moroccan Blue, Orange

Weight: (Please note we have changed the lengths as indicated above and will update the weights in time)
180 +5c (Fill weight/Total weight) = 265g/465g 
195 +5c (Fill weight/Total weight) = 280g/495g 
180 - 1c (Fill weight/Total weight) = 346g/ 551g
195 -1c  (Fill weight/Total weight) = 358g/567g (New baffle design)
210 -1c (Fill weight/Total weight) 389/607g (New baffle design)
165 -7c (Fill Weight/Total weight) 373g/567g
180 -7c (Fill weight/Total weight) 424g/628g (New baffle design)
195 -7c (Fill weight/Total weight) 449g/662g (New baffle design)
180 -12c (Fill weight/Total weight) 516g/717g (New baffle design)
195 -12c (Fill weight/Total weight) 559g/769g (New baffle design)

180 Wide -7c Fill Weight = 438g Total Weight = 649g (New Baffle Design)
195 Wide -7c Fill weight = 466g Total weight = 687g (New Baffle Design)
180 Wide -12c - Total weight 730g Fill Weight 431g

Packed size: 
Quenda 180 -12c = 3 litres (compressed)
Quenda 180 -7c = approximately 2.5 litre compressed volume
Quenda 180 -1c = 2 litre compressed volume

Made in Tasmania‚ Australia.

Tier Gear Tasmania ABN: 44353556145

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