Quenda Quilt - 900FP Goose Down


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+ Premium 900FP HyperDry Goose Down
+ Choice of 15 denier or 10 denier fabric in a range of colours
+ Elastic straps for attachment to pad
+ Elasticated drawcord closure and optional neck baffle to seal in the heat.
+ Snaps and drawcord footbox allowing the quilt to be fully opened up like a blanket
+ Made in Tasmania

Quenda quilts are designed to be versatile, ultralight and highly compressible. Ultralight quilts are popular with those who are looking to reduce their pack weight or prefer the freedom of a quilt to a restrictive mummy bag. 

We offer a number of options so that you can customise your quilt to meet your specific needs, preferences and to accommodate a wide range of body shapes . If you have any questions with regards sizing please contact us prior to ordering.

Insulation: Water repellant 900FP HyperDry White Goose Down RDS certified (Responsible Down Standard).

Baffle Style: Horizontal baffles at the core of the quilt to keep the down where you need it. Vertical baffles on the periphery to help keep the down situated on top of your torso and allows us to slightly under fill the very outer baffle for a slight weight savings.

Offset dual draw cord and snap at the head end allows you to seal in the warmth. The draw cord is offset at either side of the top of the quilt so it is easily reached for venting or sealing in the warmth whilst you are snuggled in the quilt but remains away from your face.

Pad and back straps -  A set of straps which go around your sleeping pad and then attach the quilt to your pad. 

Adjustable Footbox: The adjustable footbox uses snaps and a draw cord to form the footbox. This allows the user to have a closed footbox‚ or open it right up and use it like a blanket. Being able to open the quilt up can also be useful for drying the quilt quicker if you happen to get some moisture on the footbox during the night.

Pad Strap set
Xenon Sil Stuff Sack

Insulated Neck Baffle - this provides a better seal around the neck and shoulders helping to keep in the warmth. It can also be a bit more comfortable. It is recommended for lower temperatures.

Width: Various widths are available for Shoulder, Hip and Foot, so that you can tailor the fit of the quilt to your own needs.
For the shoulder width adding 15cm to your shoulder circumference provides a good starting point but if you are a restless sleeper then adding 20cm plus can be of benefit and/or adding extra width at the hips will provide better coverage along your lower back when you toss and turn and make you less reliant on the pad straps. Having a little bit more width on a quilt can be helpful especially in really cold temperatures.

152 - for people up to 152cm
165 - for people up to 165cm
178 - for people up to 178cm
190 - for people up to 190cm
203 - for people up to 203cm

Note: If you are close to the maximum height listed above consider moving up a size.

10D ultralight, more breathable and has a silkier feel than the 15 denier.  The best inner choice.
15D slightly better DWR coating and slightly more durable.

If weight savings and pack size are important to you then choose 10D for both inner and outer.

Storage Sack: This is a large breathable storage sack for keeping your quilt in when at home. Made by us from our hammock fabric and where possible the fabric will be remnants of rolls or fabrics with blemishes that can't be used for our hammocks.

Weights: Please note the below figures are mostly for our old heavier 850FP quilts unless it says 900FP.  Standard is also 15D outer/10D inner/Draft collar unless stated otherwise.

152 -4c Slim/Slim/Slim = 464g
152 -7c Slim/Slim/Slim = 478g. Fill Weight = 305g (900FP)
152 -16c Slim/Slim/Slim = 603g

165 -1c Slim/Slim/Slim/No Draft Collar/10D inner and outer = 396g
165 -4c Slim/Slim./Slim = 494g
165 -7c Reg/Reg/Slim = 572g
165 -7c Slim/Slim/Slim(No draft collar/10D/10D) = 482g (900FP)
165 -7c Reg/Reg/Reg = 552g (900FP)
165 -10c Silm/Slim/Slim (10D/10D) = 530g. Fill Weight = 365g (900FP)
165 -10c Reg/Reg/Slim (10D/10D) = 564g Total/390g Fill (900FP)
165 -10C Reg/Reg/Slim = 585g/390g Fill (900FP)
165 -10c Wide/Wide/Reg/No draft collar = 636g
165 -16c Reg/Slim/Slim = TBA. Fill Weight = 437g (900FP)
165 -16c  Reg/Reg/Reg (10D/10D) = 648g. Fill Weight = 464g (900FP)

178 +5c Slim/Slim/Slim (No draft collar) = 389g
178 +5c Reg/Reg/Reg = 420g (900FP)
178 +2c Reg/Reg/Reg = 485g
178 +2c Reg/Reg/Wide = 475g. Fill Weight = 273g (900FP)
178 -1c Reg/Reg/Slim/No Draft Collar/10D inner and outer = 447g
178 -1c Reg/Reg/Reg = 530g
178 -1c Reg/Reg/Reg (15D/15D) = 564g
178 -1c Wide/Wide/Wide = 576g
178 -4c Reg/Slim/Slim/No draft collar = 520g
178 -4c Slim/Slim/Slim = 523g
178 -4c Reg/Reg/Slim(10D/10D) = 510g . Fill Weight = 339g (900FP)
178 -4c Reg/Reg/Reg = 560g
178 -4c Wide/Reg/Wide (No draft collar) = 577g
178 -4c Wide/Wide/Wide = 600g (900FP)
178 -7c Slim/Slim/Slim = 566g
178 -7c Slim/Reg/Reg = 574g Total/371g Fill (900FP)
178 -7c Reg/Reg/Slim (10D/10D) = 556g. Fill Weight = 374g (900FP)
178 -7c Reg/Reg/Reg = 621g. Fill Weight = 407g plus 14g in the draft collar.
178 -7c Reg/Reg/Wide (15D/15D) = 650g
178 -7c Wide/Reg/Reg = 630g
178 -7c Wide/Wide/Reg = 625g (900FP)
178 -10c Slim/Reg/Reg = 637g
178 -10c Reg/Reg/Reg = 638g (900FP)
178 -10c Wide/Wide/Reg = 673g. Fill weight = 451g (900FP)
178 -13c Reg/Reg/Reg = 703g
178 -13c Wide/Reg/Reg = 725g
178 -13 Wide/Wide/Reg (15D/15D) = 786g
178 -13c Wide/Wide/Reg = 710g (900FP)
178 -16c Slim/Reg/Slim (No Draft Collar/10D/10D) = 626g. Fill Weight = 473g (900FP)
178 -16c Reg/Reg/Reg = 743g
178 -16c Wide/Wide/Reg = 785g
178 -16c ExWide/ExWide/Wide/10D inner and outer = 785g (900FP)

190 +2c Reg/Reg/Reg (15D/15D) = 536g
190 -1c Slim/Slim/Slim (15D/15D/No Draft Collar) = 520g
190 -1c Reg/Slim/Slim = 530g
190 -1c Wide/Wide/Wide =
190 -4c Reg/Reg/Reg/No draft collar =584g
190 -4c Reg/Reg/Reg = 585g/ Fill weight =  369g (900FP)
190 -4c Wide/Reg/Reg (Sewn Footbox) = 603g
190 -4c Wide/Wide/Reg (No draft collar) = 623g
190 -4c Wide/Wide/Reg =648g
190 -4c ExWide/Wide/ExWide = 676g
190 -4c ExWide/Wide/ExWide (No draft collar) = 656g
190 -7c Reg/Reg/Reg/15D inner and outer = 650g (900FP)
190 -7c Reg/Reg/Wide = 637g (900FP)
190 -7c Wide/Wide/Reg (No Draft Collar) = 665g
190 -7c Wide/Wide/Reg = 667g. Fill Weight = 433g (900FP)
190 -7c Wide/Wide/Reg (10D/10D) = 643g. Fill Weight = 433g (900FP)
190 -7c Wide/Wide/Wide (NoDraftCollar/10D/10D) = 624g. Fill Weight = 441g (900FP)
190 -7c Wide/Wide/Wide (10D/10D) = 651g. Fill Weight = 441g (900FP)
190 -7c ExWide/ExWide/ExWide = 758g
190 -7c ExWide/ExWide/Reg =
190 -10c Reg/Reg/Reg =697g
190 -10c Wide/Reg/Reg = 714g
190 -10c Reg/Reg/Wide = 676g. Fill Weight = 461g (900FP)
190 -10c Wide/Wide/Wide (10D/10D) = 695g. Fill Weight = 490g (900FP)
190 -10c ExWide/ExWide/Reg(10D/10D) = 729g (900FP)
190 -13c Wide/Reg/Reg = 764g
190 -13c Wide/Wide/Wide (No draft collar/10D/10D) = 731g. Fill Weight = 530g (900FP)
190 -16c ExWide/Wide/Ex Wide/No draft collar =870g
190 -16c ExWide/ExWide/Wide = 860g (900FP)

203 +2c ExWide/ExWide/ExWide/No draft collar = 585g (900FP)
203 -4c Reg/Reg/Reg (No draft collar) = 618g
203 -4c Wide/Wide/Wide = 667g (900FP)
203 -7c Wide/Wide/Reg = 693g. Fill Weight = 459g (900FP)
203 -7c ExWide/ExWide/ExWide = 801g
203 -10c ExWide/Wide/Wide = 790g Total/530g Fill (900FP)
203 -10c ExWide/ExWide/ExWide = 830g (900FP)
203 -13c ExWide/ExWide/Wide = 861g/596 Fill (900FP)
203 -16c Reg/Reg/Reg = 834g


Rated 4.6/5 by 11 reviewers Add a review


Verified purchaseQld30 August 2021

Extremely light and great size. However ordered a quilt rated at minus 7, did not perform at 7 degrees real feel 3.5 degrees. Needed extra blankets. So not happy with rating and quilt performance in the cold.

Julia J Patten

Verified purchaseNORTH HAVEN20 May 2021

Comfort, warmth, weight, quality, functionality. Top marks for all of these. I love how small this packs down to and how light it is on my back. I use an extreme thermal liner with this but am aware outside of winter I won't need to as my quilt is -10. In fact, I have been needing to take off my thermals at night camping along the Heysen so possibly I don't need my liner at all. I love that I can decide if I have 1 or 2 straps clipped closed because even though I'm a cold sleeper, I don't want to wake up zipped in as I previously would in my sleeping bag. Also, for the money this is 30-40% cheaper than a comparable bag.

Peter Anderson

Verified purchaseNorwood, Tasmania10 May 2021

All good. Does exactly as I would expect. Warm, light weight, very compact.
Haven't used it in really cold, but in the next few months I'll get the chance.


Verified purchaseCanberra05 May 2021

Quilt is absolutely fantastic, high quality and light as a feather (nearly). Have a -7C and have used it in 5C overnight and was exceptionally warm and worked well with my sleeping pad. Stuff sack has also been useful since I haven't taken it backpacking yet.

Doug Rutherford

Verified purchaseWarnbro26 April 2021

Unable to assess at this stage as it arrived after I had left on my ride.
Lounge room test looks good fits well around my s2s reg mat. Warm when you slide in and draw chord holds you feet on the mat. Can't wait to go bush again and give it a real workout.


Verified purchaseKuranda, QLD23 April 2021

I bought a Quenda top quilt and a Mala underquilt. Both products arrived after several months (as mentioned on the website, so no surprise here) exactly as ordered, except that I received a free upgrade in the down quality :-). The description on the website is correct. The quilts are impressively (!) light and fluffy, and the design well thought out with lightweight and minimalistic accessories (cords, clips etc.). Whilst I had issues to fit the underquilt of a different manufacturer snugly under my hammock, this one sits well and has proven itself in the field already. I like that I went for a wide cut in the top quilt as it gives me room to move. The buttons at the foot end lock pretty firmly, so I would be a bit careful when undoing them in order to not rip the thin material. Whilst the quilts still need to be tested in the colder winter months, I believe the temperature rating is realistic. As a cold sleeping female I ordered the quilts for a 5 -10 degree lower temperature than what I would expect in my area. At this point, the quilts emit a bit of an animal/down smell which most likely is being brought out by the humidity of far north QLD. Over time this should ease.
Simon from Tier Gear responded promtly to any phone and email enquiries and helped me with questions. I am very happy with my purchase and with supporting an Aussie business, and would certainly recommend the products and the company.

Lauren Billings

Torquay Victoria07 December 2020

This is hands down my favourite piece of gear. It is an absolute perfect quilt, gorgeous to touch and ever so warm and cozy! The service at Tier Gear is amazinggg, I would recommend to anyone who listens!

Marguerite Leahy

Western Australia03 December 2020

I’m very happy with my quilt, light weight but feels durable. Great amount of room in the foot box. Great communication from Tier Gear - there was a long lead time due to them being a small cottage business and being very busy. They were up front about this from the start, I didn’t need my quilt in a hurry and I wanted to support their business. Definitely recommend!

Stephen craige

Verified purchaseBrisbane27 November 2020

Fantastic quality. Worth every dollar.

Ashley Bell

Verified purchaseECHUCA23 November 2020

Such a great quilt! Fits great and is so warm. Highly recommend any gear from Tier Gear, their products and service are second to none.

Ben O'Brien

Verified purchaseSydney17 November 2020

Great quilt, excellent quality and awesome people to deal with. Look forward to having many warm adventures in the future. Ben

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