Mala Under Quilt - LofTECH synthetic



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This is our regular  Mala under quilt but with synthetic fibre loose fill insulation.

For those seeking the qualities provided by synthetic insulation and at a more economic price than down insualtion.

Weights: (Total weight includes draft collars which add about 30g. It also includes 15d outer and 10d inner. Fill weights do not include draft collars) 

Mala 116: (Fill Weight/Total Weight)
+5c: 218g/457g
+2c: 254g/492g
-1c: 290g/534g
-4c: 326g/564g
-7c: 363g/606g
-10c: 399g/646g
-13c: 435g/690g
-16c 468g/727g

Mala 132

+5c: 246g/495g
+2c: 285g/537g
-1c: 328g/584g
-4c: 369g/629g
-7c: 410g/674g
-10c: 451g/720g
-13c: 492g/764g
-16c: 532g/810g

 Mala 160
+5c: 298g/557g
+2c: 348g/609g
-1c: 397g/651g
-4c: 447g/705g
-7c: 496g/758g
-10c: 546g/812g
-13c: 596g/875g
-16c: 646g/929g

Mala 180
+5c:  309g/585g
+2c: 360g/638g
-1c: 411g/698g
-4c: 463g/753g
-7c: 515g/801g
-10c: 566g/860g
-13c: 618g/919g
-16c: 669g/983g

Mala 195
+5c: 335g/627
+2c: 390g/685g
-1c: 447g/742g
-4c: 503g/798g
-7c: 558g/856g
-10c: 614g/923g
-13c: 670g/1014g
-16c: 726g/1071g

Mala 210
+5c: 360g/675g
+2c: 422g/737g
-1c: 482g/800g
-4c: 541g/866g
-7c: 602g/929g
-10c: 662g/995g
-13c: 722g/1064g
-16c: 769g/1118g

Hanging your Mala:

Take note that on Full length quilts there is a head and foot end. The head end is wider.
Remove the quilt from the stuff sack and take the shock cord without the cord lock attached to the foot end of your hammock and loop it over the gathered end. If your hammock does not have a gathered loop you will need a small carabiner or mitten hook.
Walk the quilt to the head end of your hammock and place the shock cord with the cord lock over the gathered end.
If this is your first time hanging the quilt some adjustment and fine tuning will be needed.
Pull the shock cord through the cord lock until is starts to raise up the hammock slightly. (You want the quilt to be snug up against the bottom of the hammock when you are in it so this may take a little adjusting at first).
Position the quilt in a central position on the hammock. It will slide freely at this stage. Once you are happy with the position of the quilt you can lock it in position by attaching the prusik loops to the hooks on the hammock corners. If you don't lock it in the quilt can slide down the shock cord slightly.
Cinch in the head end draw cord slightly (do not over tighten - you want it drawn in just enough that it seals against the hammock when you are in it.
Walk to the foot end and cinch in the draw cord. Please note that the full length quilts will usually need to have the foot end cinched in more than the shorter quilts. You just want the ends cinched enough that they provide a consistent seal at the ends of the hammock. This can take some adjustment to get right., and it can be helpful to have someone check it for you when you are in the hammock especially when doing it for the first time.

*If you are using the Quilt Hangers the above instructions are the same but you will not have a cord lock, instead you will adjust the length by pulling one end through the Quilt Hanger and tying a knot to set the length before locking off the cord by inserting it into the cut-outs on the side of the Hanger. Once the length is set you should should not need to adjust them again.

Once adjusted correctly any excess cord may be cut off if desired.

If you are having any problems or have questions feel free to contact us. Otherwise there are plenty of You Tube videos on this topic and we especially recommend Shugemery as a worthwhile resource.

1 x under quilt with suspension
1 x stuff sack

There are a number of length options:

Length = 116cm Width = 114cm (head and foot)
Length = 132cm Width = 114cm (head and foot)
Length= 160cm Width = 114cm (head and foot)
Length = 180cm Width: 116cm (head) and 94cm (foot)
Length = 195cm Width: 116cm (head) and 93cm (foot)
Length = 210cm Width: 117cm (head) and 93cm (foot)