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If you want to remain comfortable and warm in a hammock, then under quilts reign supreme. They hang underneath your hammock to provide critical warmth. For the hammock hanger the under quilt is the most critical part of your insulation system.

The Mala comes in a variety of lengths and temperature ratings to suit your individual needs.

Standard Features:

*Insulation - 800FP HyperDRY™ Grey Duck Down - Responsible Down Standard certified and water repellant. The 800FP Mala will pack slightly larger and weigh more than the 900FP Mala.
*Fabric - 15 denier ripstop nylon outer, 10 denier ripstop nylon inner.
*Suspension: Full length primary suspension with added prussik loops to lock the quilt in place
*Shape: Dual differential cut to ensure full lofting of insulation for maximum warmth 
*Stuff sack included


Inner Fabric Options: (10 denier is our usual standard inner being lighter weight, more breathable and has a silkier feel than the 15 denier)
10 Denier - Charcoal Grey, Moroccan Blue, Forest Green, Burnt Orange (taffeta - no ripstop grid)
15 Denier - Forest Green, Moroccan Blue, Orange, Purple

Outer fabric options: (15D is our usual standard outer having a slightly better DWR coating and being slightly more durable, 10D will be less weight and pack down a bit smaller though)
10 Denier - Charcoal Grey, Moroccan Blue, Forest Green, Burnt Orange (taffeta - no ripstop grid)
15 Denier - Forest Green, Moroccan Blue, Orange, Purple

Lengths: (Note: When using the shorter quilts a small pad will be needed for your feet in colder weather)

2/3 = 116cm
3/4 = 132cm 
7/8 = 160cm
Full length short = 180cm
Full Length regular 195cm 
Full Length long = 210cm

Draft Collar: An optimally hung under quilt doesn't require draft collars however adding draft collars can help assist with sealing in the warmth at either end of the quilt, and compensate for those times where the under quilt is not hung optimally. Most problems occur at the foot end when hanging an under quilt so a draft collar can be useful here, otherwise  a draft collar at both ends can be seen as good insurance especially in colder weather.

Quilt Hangers: For those with hammocks such as a Hennessy which don't have a point to slip the shock cord over such as on our hammocks then these Quilt Hanger hooks can be a simple way to connect your quilt to the hammock suspension.  They simply loop over the ropes at the end of your hammock. 

Storage Sack: This is a large breathable storage sack for keeping your quilt in when at home. Made by us from our hammock fabric and where possible the fabric will be remnants of rolls or fabrics with blemishes that can't be used for our hammocks.

Made in Deloraine, Tasmania.

Weights: (Total weight includes draft collars which add about 30g. It also includes 15d outer and 10d inner. Fill weights do not include draft collars) 

Mala 116:
+5c: 393g/Fill Weight = 154g
+2c: 424g/ Fill Weight = 180g
-1c: 449g/Fill Weight =  205g
-4c: 469g/Fill Weight = 231g
-7c: 500g/Fill Weight = 257g
-10c: 528g/Fill Weight = 283g
-13c: 560g/Fill Weight = 308g
-16c 592g/Fill Weight = 334g

Mala 132
+5c: 363g/Fill Weight = 175g
+2c: 396g/Fill Weight = 203g
-1c: 430g/Fill Weight = 232g
-4c: 465g/ Fill weight = 261g
-7c: 500g/ Fill weight = 291
-10c: 535g/ Fill weight = 320g
-13c: 570g/ Fill weight = 348g
-16c: 605g/ Fill weight = 378g

Mala 160
+5c: Fill weight = 212g
+2c:   Fill weight = 248g
-1c: Fill weight = 283g
-4c:  Fill weight = 318g
-7c: Fill weight = 354g
-10c: Fill weight = 382g
-13c:  Fill weight = 424g
-16c: Fill weight = 459g

Mala 180
 +5c: 509g/ Fill Weight = 238g
+2c: 555g/ Fill weight = 277g
 -1c: 603g/Fill Weight = 317g
-4c: 630g/Fill Weight = 356g
-7c: 675g/Fill weight = 396g
-10c: 715g/Fill weight = 436g
-13c: 760g/ Fill weight = 475g
-16c: 805g/Fill weight = 515g

Mala 195
+5c: 530g/Fill Weight = 238g
 +2c: 572g/Fill Weight = 277g
-1c: 612g/Fill Weight = 317g
-4c: 652g/Fill Weight = 357g
-7c = 694g/Fill Weight = 396g
-10c = 745g/Fill Weight = 436g
-13c = 801g/ Fill Weight = 475g
-16c = 860g/Fill Weight = 515g

Mala 210
+5c: 581g/ Fill weight = 266g
+2c: 615g/Fill weight = 300g
-1c: 660g/Fill weight = 342g
-4c: 710g/Fill weight = 385g
-7c: 755g/ Fill weight = 428g
-10c: 805g/Fill Weight = 471g
-13c: 855g/Fill Weight = 513g
-16c: 905g/Fill weight = 556g

Hanging your Mala:

Take note that on Full length quilts there is a head and foot end. The head end is wider.
Remove the quilt from the stuff sack and take the shock cord without the cord lock attached to the foot end of your hammock and loop it over the gathered end. If your hammock does not have a gathered loop you will need a small carabiner or mitten hook.
Walk the quilt to the head end of your hammock and place the shock cord with the cord lock over the gathered end.
If this is your first time hanging the quilt some adjustment and fine tuning will be needed.
Pull the shock cord through the cord lock until is starts to raise up the hammock slightly. (You want the quilt to be snug up against the bottom of the hammock when you are in it so this may take a little adjusting at first).
Position the quilt in a central position on the hammock. It will slide freely at this stage. Once you are happy with the position of the quilt you can lock it in position by attaching the prusik loops to the hooks on the hammock corners. If you don't lock it in the quilt can slide down the shock cord slightly.
Cinch in the head end draw cord slightly (do not over tighten - you want it drawn in just enough that it seals against the hammock when you are in it.
Walk to the foot end and cinch in the draw cord. Please note that the full length quilts will usually need to have the foot end cinched in more than the shorter quilts. You just want the ends cinched enough that they provide a consistent seal at the ends of the hammock. This can take some adjustment to get right., and it can be helpful to have someone check it for you when you are in the hammock especially when doing it for the first time.

*If you are using the Quilt Hangers the above instructions are the same but you will not have a cord lock, instead you will adjust the length by pulling one end through the Quilt Hanger and tying a knot to set the length before locking off the cord by inserting it into the cut-outs on the side of the Hanger. Once the length is set you should should not need to adjust them again.

Once adjusted correctly any excess cord may be cut off if desired.

If you are having any problems or have questions feel free to contact us. Otherwise there are plenty of You Tube videos on this topic and we especially recommend Shugemery as a worthwhile resource.

1 x under quilt with suspension
1 x stuff sack

There are a number of length options:

Length = 116cm Width = 114cm (head and foot)
Length = 132cm Width = 114cm (head and foot)
Length= 160cm Width = 114cm (head and foot)
Length = 180cm Width: 116cm (head) and 94cm (foot)
Length = 195cm Width: 116cm (head) and 93cm (foot)
Length = 210cm Width: 117cm (head) and 93cm (foot)


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Verified purchase31 August 2021

This is my first ever under quilt and even though I was setting up in the dark I managed to get it pretty solid first try! There's plenty of adjustability and the materials and stitching are top notch. My only issue so far is that given the baffles run full length it's possible for the down to bunch up. I guess there are good reasons for this and it's not hard to make sure the down is well distributed.

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