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Whoopie Sling - pair

Whoopie Sling - pair



1.83 metre whoopie slings‚ with a 70mm fixed loop created with a locked brummel at one end. The adjustable end of the rope is also back-spliced and the adjustable loop has a bead spliced on to prevent the loop being accidentally pulled in on itself.
Whoopie slings make for a great lightweight‚ hammock suspension. They are lighter‚ and more compact than equivalent webbing suspension options.

Length: 183cm (max) - 43cm (min)
Weight: 19.1grams each (38.2grams per pair)
Max weight limit: 150kg
Made from 7/64 Amsteel Blue Dyneema

Spliced in Tasmania‚ Australia.

We acknowledge and pay our respects to the traditional owners, Elders past and present, of the land upon which we now roam.

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