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Ridgeline Storage Pockets - single sided

Ridgeline Storage Pockets - single sided



The Ridgeline Storage Pockets offer a convenient location to store smaller items whilst hanging. This version is threaded onto your ridgeline and has two pockets on one side as standard. It is made from noseeum mesh and the edges are bound and double stitched to give a professional look and add durability. There is a small channel at the top for the hammock ridgeline to run through allowing you to slide the pockets to where you need them.

The edge binding is available in black‚ blue and dark olive.

Length =400mm
Height = 220mm
2 x Pockets : 190mm x 150mm
Weight: 13grams

Made in Tasmania‚ Australia.

We acknowledge and pay our respects to the traditional owners, Elders past and present, of the land upon which we now roam.

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