Bar Tensioner for 2-3mm Lines

Bar Tensioner for 2-3mm Lines



Lawson Bar Tensioners are lightweight‚ robust and simple to use.

Designed to work with Lawsons 2mm and 3mm Glowire‚ and other cordage in this size range. To use them‚ you thread the end of the line through one hole and back through the other hole in the opposite direction and then tie a knot on the end. The only thing thats easier than rigging them up for the first time‚ is tensioning them. To tension‚ you pull and twist the bar tensioner with one hand which unlocks its grip and you pull the line your trying to tension with the other hand.

Made from Aerospace Grade‚ 6061-T6 Aluminum. They are cut to 3.3cm long‚ then two 3.5mm holes are drilled using a specially made fixture‚ and then they are tumbled in a vibratory tumbler until they are silky smooth.

Manufactured in house to exacting specifications‚ right here in the USA.

Weight is 2.8 grams each.

Size is 6.3mm x.6.3mm x 33mm

Tier Gear Tasmania ABN: 44353556145

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