Whoopie/Toggle Suspension System



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The Hammock Toggle Suspension System (HTSS) provides a quick and easy way to hang your hammock without the need for knot tying. Simply wrap your tree strap and whoopie sling around the tree and place the adjustable loop around the toggle and adjust. It doesn't get much easier really. Adding a pair of soft shackles to the system is optional but can make life even easier by not having to pass the whoopie sling and strap back through the tree strap loop.

The HTSS consists of:

2 x tree straps - 1.8m black Australian made 25mm poly webbing or 1.8m black Woma UHMWPE 25mm Webbing

2 x whoopie slings (Australian made 12 strand UHMWPE rope)
2 x continuous loops (Australian Made UHMWPE rope)
2 x toggles
2 x soft shackles (optional) 


2 x 1.8m straps = 56.7g (Lightweight Polyester) or 20g (Woma UHMWPE Webbing)
2 x whoopie slings = 35.4g
2 x continuous loops = 7.4g
2 x toggles = 3.8g
Total = 103.3g (66.6 with Woma webbing)

Recommended Max weight limit = 120kg.

To install the HTSS on your hammock and get it ready for use:

1. Attach the continuous loops to the ends of your gathered end hammock by threading it through the end channel OR using a larks head knot just below the gathered end. This will depend on how your hammock was designed.

2. The toggle then needs to be connected to the  continuous loop via a Larks Head. This may already be done by us prior to being sent.

2. Connect the fixed loop of the whoopie sling to one loop of the tree strap via  a Loop To Loop Knot - this is essentially a permanent connection.  Again this may already be done when you receive the HTSS.

To hang your hammock using the HTSS:

1. Wrap the tree strap around the tree and pass the whoopie sling through the tree strap loop. The height that you will need to place the strap on the tree will depend on how far apart the trees are but starting just above head height a  good place to start, you can always adjust it later if need be. The hammock should be at a comfortable sitting height. Repeat for the other strap and whoopie.
2. Attach the adjustable loop of the whoopie sling over one of the toggles, ensuring it is on the knot not on the toggle.
3. Walk the hammock to the other tree and again place the adjustable loop of the whoopie over the toggle.
4. Adjust as necessary until your suspension is roughly at a 30 degree angle (this is the optimal hanging angle for most gathered end hammocks).
5. Once you have adjusted the whoopie slings always milk the bury (run your fingers along the section through which the rope passes through itself).
6. Do a final check to ensure everything is situated as it should be, sit on the hammock and check the height is correct. Adjust if necessary. 

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