Polyester Tree Straps Lightweight (pair)


Australian Made


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These straps are made from Australian made polyester webbing with a loop sewn on each end. The webbing weighs 14g per metre. Break strength is above 600kg. It is a lighter weight webbing suitable for hammock suspension systems where knots are not tied in the webbing. We specifically got this webbing to use with our toggle suspension system. 

Colour is black. 
There are options for multiple lengths to suit your needs.
Price is per pair of straps.

Weight limit is 120kg

There is a option to add a pair of soft shackles made from Australian made UHMWPE rope. These replace a metal carabiner and can be useful to attach the tree strap without having to pull it through it's own loop to secure it to the tree.  Weight of a single soft shackle is 5.5g.

Sewn in Deloraine, Tasmania from Australian made webbing

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