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Structural ridgeline - hammock



The structural ridgeline of a hammock helps set the sag right every time to achieve the perfect hang. It's to be used as an indicator for the perfect hang and a place to hang things off like a ridgeline organiser.

When you hang your hammock with no weight in it, the ridgeline should be loose and then tighten up when you get in it. If it is too tight you need to increase the angle of your suspension, if it's too loose you need to decrease the angle.

Our ridgelines are made with 1.75mm Dyneema Mallee Wire which is custom made for us by Lawson Outdoor Equipment in the USA.

It is available in grey with orange fleck.


1. Fixed Length: We can customise any length but we offer the ridgeline in 250cm and 280cm lengths this caters for the most common length hammocks of 300cm and 330cm. Your ridgeline should be around 83% of your hammock length. So the 250 fits a 300cm hammock and the 280cm fits a 330cm hammock.
Weight of the 2.8m ridgeline is 5g.

2. Adjustable: The adjustable ridgeline has an adjustable length to suit any hammock up to 3.5m long.  Weight is 7g.

These are custom spliced by us here in Tasmania and come with two loops on either end which can be simply placed over your suspension at either end of your hammock.

Weight:  2.5m = 4g; 2.8m = 5g; adjustable ridgeline = 7g.

Spliced in Tasmania from rope made in the USA.


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Verified purchaseMelbourne08 September 2020

A great little piece of gear! Purchased this for my Nakie Hammock that didn't have a ridgeline. Slipped onto my hammock without an issue and made a huge difference to how I was hanging my hammock. Feel free to check it out in my Nakie Hammock review on YouTube. Included a link back to Tier Gear for those looking for a ridgeline!

Mark Crosby

Verified purchaseQueensland17 August 2020

Good quality, easy to install and operate

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