Hammock Soft Shackle - single



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These soft shackles are designed as an ultralight replacement for a metal carabiner when hanging a hammock. 

Recommended weight limit = 150kg.
Weight = 5.7g each
Size: Open = 28cm; Closed = 12cm
Material = Australian made 12 strand single braid 3mm UHMWPE rope 

Spliced by Tier Gear Tasmania.
Price is for one soft shackle.
Made for hammock hanging applications only.


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Verified purchaseNarrabundah, ACT10 July 2021

These things are absolutely brilliant I spent a few nights out in my Hammick in the snow and had to make a few adjustments in the middle of the night ….very very very easy.
It is a very clever way this has been designed . Excellent locking knot, for this particular loop and I highly recommend it.
I use it in combination with the Whoopie slings which are excellent excellent excellent.
You can see I’m a fan :-)

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