Becket Hitch Suspension



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One of the lightest and most simple hammock suspensions on the market. Wrap the strap around the tree pass through it's own loop and tie the hitch to the continuous loop on the hammock. 

This can be fitted to most gathered end hammocks.

This suspension inludes;

2 x 4m lengths of UHMWPE Woma Webbing (Woma 10 weighs approx 90g/Woma 5 approx 45g). This has one loop sewn at one end.

2 x UHMWPE continuous loops with toggles

We offer two webbing options  with either 5g/m UHMWPE Woma 5 webbing or 10 g/m UHMWPE Woma 10. The 5g/m is more ribbon like and half the weight of the 10 but it does have tendency to fold over on itself much more than the 10 which makes the 10 a bit more user friendly.
You get two lengths of webbing at 4m each.

We have found the Beckett Hitch to be the most simple and lightweight option for hanging a hammock.  We have added a toggle to our continuous loop on the hammock which the hitch gets tied below, and when untying the hitch you pull on the toggle which makes releasing the hitch much easier. You can learn the Beckett Hitch by watching Shug's video here -

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