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Anchor Hammock Stand

Anchor Hammock Stand


$150.00 $125.00

The Tasmanian designed Aussie Anchor Hammock Stand is a lightweight, compact hammock stand that is simple to setup. Its unique tensioning system offers total hammock comfort control both sitting and lying in. Now you can relax in your hammock anywhere, on the beach, or in your own home or backyard. 

The frame operates in two V sections separated with a bottom spreading webbing strap support. This system creates a very strong and secure framework to support the hammock. The V framework is then anchored in place using whoopie slings and peg kit or the stand can be attached to any fixed point. See instruction sheet for complete set up details.

Designed to work with a 2.7m or less net-less hammock, such as our Peregrine hammock as pictured. Due to the compact nature of this stand we would recommend it to people of a smaller stature. Those under 155cm will be most comfortable, and as such is ideal for children. Taller people up to 170cm could make it work for a day hang but the length of the stand and hammock is a limiting factor. We are hoping to have a bigger stand available at some stage.

Product Specifications:

Stand framework is made of high quality anodised alloy tube.
Total unfolded length 3.6 meters.
Connection strap length 1.5 meters.
Frame weight 2.8kg
Folded length 95 cm.
Maximum weight capacity 75kg.
Carry Bag length 100cm; width 13 cm - made by Tier Gear Tasmania - optional.
Pegs - we have available a kit containing pegs for soft sand and pegs for firm soil - optional.

Tier Gear Tasmania ABN: 44353556145

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