Woma UHMWPE Ultralight Webbing (per metre)



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Named after the woma python (Aspidites ramsayi), also known commonly as Ramsay's python, the sand python and simply the woma, it is a species of snake in the family Pythonidae. The species is endemic to Australia. Once common throughout Western Australia, it has become critically endangered in some regions (Wikipedia).

The Woma ultralight webbing is made from UHMWPE, one of the strongest fibres available. This webbing is incredibly strong, durable, lightweight and packs down incredibly small.

Weighing just 5 g/m with a tensile strength of over 690kg it is ideal to use for hammock suspension as tree straps with whoopie slings or as an all in one suspension system using a Beckett Hitch or similar.

For those looking to shave weight from their hammock suspension this is the webbing for you.

Please note this webbing is quite thin and so is not recommended for use in buckles. It will also have a tendency to fold over which makes it good for your Beckett Hitch but also means that some times you will need to flatten it out with your fingers when wrapping it around the tree.

Weight: 5g/m
Width: 25mm
Tensile Strength: 690kg
Colour: Black

Price is per metre

Made in China.


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Verified purchaseSunshine Coast24 August 2020

Easy to sew into an all in one tree straps/suspension using a Beckett hitch. I will never need to worry about choosing the correct length tree straps are or be limited by the shortest length of whoopee slings as my minimum hang distance.
Essentially the same weight per metre as dyneema rope which you would either have to
A) double the length of cord to make whoopee sling and then be heavier or
B) use knots or hardware in a single strand of cord which I haven't found a light/reliable/adjustable way to do this.
My tree straps/suspension is 4m per side, packs down small and weighs 40g total. The webbing does bunch up/fold over easily but its not too bad to flatten out again (or just leave, so long as the part in contact with a tree is flattened out to protect the bark)

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