Rasant 75 - 1000m


Polyester/cotton core spun


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Rasant 75 is a high quality medium weight thread for DIY uses such as sewing tarps, tents, webbing/tree straps. It can be used effectively to sew heavier materials for making bags and packs but if your machine can manage a size 16 needle and you need a stronger thread consider Rasant 50 for a more robust seam.

Rasant is a polyester/cotton core spun. Like spun threads, core spun threads have a smooth and textile surface. Thanks to the combination of continuous filament core and spun cover, core spun threads are extremely high performing. Core spun threads display an outstanding sewability and this provides for trouble-free processing, even in difficult applications such as multidirectional sewing operations and buttonholes in thin fabrics. Therefore, core spun threads are well suited for a huge spectre of applications.

Rasant is mainly used in the apparel sector. In this sector, it is used as sewing thread for ladieswear & menswear, for sportswear & outdoor as well as for underwear & lingerie. Rasant is also used as sewing thread for denim and workwear. Last but not least, Rasant is used as embroidery thread for matt embroidery but also for technical textiles.

Tex: 40 

Needle size:  14

Black (4000)


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Verified purchaseHuon08 November 2021

great quality thread. good to work with

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