Down Gear Revitalisation Service



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Let us do your dirty work.

Do you have a down jacket, quilt or bag that has lost it's warmth? Does it not seem to loft like it used to? There is a good chance it needs a wash. The washing part is easy for most people but if you don't have access to a good dryer the drying process can be tedious. 

Our Down Wash and Dry Service is for for those people who are unable to wash their own outdoor down gear themselves. You may not have the facilities or the time to do it. Washing down gear can seem daunting, and if you don't have access to a suitable dryer it can seem to take forever to dry a down quilt or sleeping bag. 

How does the Wash and Dry Service work?

Simple - you send us your down jacket, sleeping bag or down quilt, we wash and dry it for you and put life back into your trusted piece of gear.  However, more specifically:
1. We will firstly asses the jacket or sleeping bag and ensure there is no damage. We will inform you if we find anything of concern.
2. We will perform an initial wash  of the item with just water (no detergent). This gives the item a pre-rinse and wets out all of the down.
3. We then perform a gentle machine wash using Allied Down and Feather's Down wash.
4. The item is then spun lightly to  remove excess water.
5. The item is then placed into a dryer on a low heat setting and cycled until it is dry.
6. The item is then left to loft overnight and checked to ensure it is completely dry and lofting as we would expect.
7. Your item will then be ready for you to pick up or have posted back to you.

Why do I need to wash my down gear? 

With use your down will essentially become dirty which reduces the loft and effectiveness of your down insulation. Washing and drying your gear will return the loft and performance of the down and ensure you are best prepared for those outdoor adventures once again. 

What products do you use?

To wash all down gear we use the Down Wash by Allied Feather and Down.