Allied Down Wash 300ml


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Keeping your down product lofty, comfortable and warm for years requires relatively simple consideration and care. 

Processing some of the highest performing and cleanest down in the world, Allied Feather and Down have worked with their bluesign system chemical partner to develop a home laundry detergent to get the down inside your products as clean as possible. And they have done all this without using palm oil derivatives and with detergents that are completely safe for the environment. When you are using the world’s most eco-friendly insulation, equal care should be taken with the products used to clean it.

Certified Palm Oil Free
ALLIED DownWash is one of the few home laundry detergents to not rely on palm oil based surfactants and is certified to be Palm Oil Free.

Working with  Juniper Ridge, Allied Feather and Down have created a scent that reminds you of waking up in a forest near the ocean’s edge. The ingredients are responsibly foraged and hand distilled in California.

Each bottle is 300ml and good for 8 small loads or 4 full loads.


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Warren Woods

15 July 2021

Awesome gets the smoky smell out of my down gear 🤩

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