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850FP HyperDry White Duck Down (per gram)



HyperDRY™ Water Resistant White Duck Down

Fill Power: 850FP


Fluorocarbon Free Water Resistant Down

The HyperDRY™ natural wax-based compound works the same way traditional DWR chemicals do by building a carbon-hydrogen chain on the down cluster to decrease the surface tension which ultimately causes water to bead and roll off. The difference is that wax, as a material, is not fluorinated. The fluoridation of the carbon-hydrogen chains in previously used DWR treatments is what gives these chemicals an extremely long held-life making them almost impossible to break down wreaking havoc on the ecosystem in our waterways.

Currently tests over 80% longer than other water resistant down on the market in industry standard DWR shake test.

100% recyclable and natural: Unlike synthetic fill that relies on natural resources to be produced, Allied down is a sustainable, renewable and all-natural product. Allied buys only from suppliers that grow geese and ducks for the food industry. Down is only a by-product, something left over from the birds after they have been sold for their meat.

Responsible Down Standard certified - The Responsible Down Standard is the mark to help companies ensure that the down in their products does not come from animals that have been subjected to any unnecessary harm, and to make accurate claims on their products. 

With Allied RDS certified down, brands, retailers and consumers have the security knowing the fill inside their product is the highest quality responsibly sourced down available.

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