Xenon Sil 1.1 (per metre)


Weight: 37gsm


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Xenon Sil is a lightweight polyester sil fabric. It is low a stretch fabric with a 4000mm head pressure and is an excellent material for tarps, tents or any place a light weight waterproof fabric is needed.

Material – Polyester
Fabric Width: 58-60″
Weight : 37gsm
Denier: 20
Coating: Silicon

Common uses Tarps, Tents, & Bivys, Stuff sacks


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Andy Johnston

Verified purchaseMelbourne11 September 2022

Fantastic sil poly which is incredibly light weight. I used it for my first MYOG project, and made a ground sheet for my tarp. Only weighed in at 86g which included the mini stuff sack I also made. (60x200cm)

Really helpful too. Couldn't be more happy, and I'm saving up for enough for a tarp now!


Verified purchaseHuon08 November 2021

good material for lightweight tent. Great advice and support from Simon

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