Noseeum Mesh (per metre)



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Our Noseeum Mesh is a lightweight fine mesh that is often used in ultralight tents and in our Goshawk hammocks. It will block out the smallest of bugs.

We have two varieties:
1. Polyester - weight = 32gsm. Lightweight, durable, has a slightly stiffer feel. 
2. Nylon - weight = 23gsm. Ultralight, less durable over time, softer feel, packs down smaller.

Colour: Black
Roll Width: approx 137cm

Price per metre.
Made in the USA.


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Verified purchaseAustralia03 October 2022

Great product! Very fine and strong, and sews well into tent windows.


Verified purchaseNSW23 September 2021

The product was as expected and described, the packing was great and the delivery quick. On-line shopping at its best.


Verified purchaseUrunga20 October 2020

Its a nice material but it has a lot of movement this could just be the nature of nylon but good to keep in mind.

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