Noseeum Mesh (per metre)



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Our Noseeum Mesh is a lightweight fine mesh that is often used in ultralight tents and in our Goshawk hammocks. It will block out the smallest of bugs.

We have two varieties:
1. Polyester - weight = 32gsm. Lightweight, durable, has a slightly stiffer feel. 
2. Nylon - weight = 23gsm. Ultralight, less durable over time, softer feel, packs down smaller.

Colour: Black
Roll Width: approx 137cm

Price per metre.
Made in the USA.


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Verified purchaseNSW23 September 2021

The product was as expected and described, the packing was great and the delivery quick. On-line shopping at its best.


Verified purchaseUrunga20 October 2020

Its a nice material but it has a lot of movement this could just be the nature of nylon but good to keep in mind.

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