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Introducing Cloud 71: The Ultimate Ultralight Hammock Fabric
Cloud 71 is the pinnacle of ultralight hammock fabric, designed for maximum comfort and versatility. Made from 20 denier nylon monofilament, this fabric offers a transparent bugnet style look, making it perfect for hammocks, bug nets, and a variety of other projects.

Outstanding Breathability
The unique weave of Cloud 71 provides exceptional breathability, ensuring you stay cool and comfortable in any environment. Whether you're lounging in your hammock or sleeping under the stars, Cloud 71 keeps you feeling fresh.

Strength and Durability
Despite its lightweight construction, Cloud 71 is rated for a weight capacity of 90kg. It offers a good amount of initial stretch for added comfort but will not overstretch, ensuring durability.

Color and Transparency
Due to its transparent nature, colors may appear slightly different. For example, Dark Olive may look like black in most lighting conditions but will reveal its green hue in sunlight, adding a dynamic element to your outdoor gear.

Weight: 24 grams per square meter (0.71 ounce per square yard)
Material: 20 denier Monofilament
Width: Approximately 152cm (59-60 inches) with selvage

Upgrade your outdoor gear with Cloud 71 and experience the ultimate in ultralight comfort and performance.

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