Shock Cord (per metre)


Australian Made


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Polyester Jacket / mono rubber core.

Colour: Solid black 

Premium marine grade multi strand elastic core.

HT polyester covers with a fine plait smooth construction.

Offering long life wear resistance to abrasion & UV degradation.

Consistently allows over 100% elongation & recovery.

Not affected by water.

Australian made.


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Verified purchaseNew South Wales13 May 2022

Ordered ten metres to redo a dome tents poles, two long and one short. Worked perfectly with some cord to spare. Cheers


Verified purchaseUrubga20 October 2020

Great Aussie made product.


Verified purchaseUrunga20 October 2020

Very well made and very strong.
Glad to see an Australian made product.

Steven Hare

Verified purchaseCanberra01 October 2020

Was a bit unsure if 2mm shock cord would be ok for poles in a MYOG tent - but it seems perfect! Quick service from Tier Gear as well!

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