Mulga Cord 1.8 - UHMWPE (per metre)



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Mulga Cord 1.8 is a UHMWPE (one of the world's strongest fibres) single braid 12 strand cord with a breaking strength of 420kg and a diameter of 1.8mm. 

This cord is ideal for hammock structural ridgelines or beefed up tarp ridgelines or anywhere else where a strong lightweight cord is needed. To be honest it is probably overkill for tarp ridgelines and as such we have Mulga Cord 1.6 coming which will be more suited to that application. However the 1.8 will work with the standard titanium tarp hardware out there. 

Material: 12 Strand UHMWPE
Break Strength: 420kg


-Floats and does not absorb water
-Low stretch
-High strength to weight ratio
-Low weight
-Easy to splice
-Good abrasion resistance due to the coating giving it an inherent 

Available colours: Hi-Vis Lime only at this stage.

Weight is 2.5g/m.

Made in China.


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Verified purchaseWarragul01 May 2022

A very easy product to use. Perfect for ridge lines and tieouts. It is also fairly easy to splice.


Verified purchase20 October 2020

I am writing this review based on:
1. I am using this as a tarp ridgeline (not the usual hammock ridgeline), so I am not using this as it is generally intended for.
2. These dyneema-ish cordage are generally not known to hold knots well like paracord

If you are using this as a tarp ridgeline it is best to use metal fasteners like Dutchwaregear's "wasp" or Warbonnet's "Tarp Tick" to keep it taught as knots will slip.(Metal fastener takes the place of a knot)
I give it 4 stars because I will only give 5 stars to Tier Gier's "Mallee" cord which is no longer available.
Malle cord held knots well, didn't tangle much & worked with metal fasteners.

If using this with a metal fastener (especially the wasp), cut the end of the cord on a 45 degree angle and slowly push it through any fastener holes (If there are any holes).
If you cut the cord square ended (like usual) it won't go through the hole easy & bunch up before the hole, stopping it go through.
Cutting it at a 45 angle allows a few strands at the point to pass through allowing you to drag the rest through. (be ready with tweezers or pliers to pull the initial).

If you want to have sliding prussic loop connections to act like a carabiner to hold your tarp, use Tier Gear's Mulga "1.6mm Soft Shackles" and loop it 5 times. (there will be little left dangling but enough to use the soft shackle to act as a carabiner).
I think if the soft shackle was, say 20-30mm longer it would be better.
Looping it less than 5 times will slip (my testing).

I am sure this would be a 5 star rating if I was using it as hammock ridgeline as there wouldn't be knots used.

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