Bandy-bandy Reflective Cord (per metre)



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Named after the Bandy-bandy or Hoop snake. It is an Australian burrowing snake. The word bandy-bandy (bandi-bandi) traces back to the indigenous dialect of Kattang, from the Taree region, New South Wales (Wikipedia).

A lightweight but strong guyline cord with reflective tracers to ensure better visibility at night. 
Made with a UV resistant polyester sheath and high strength UHMWPE core. 

Price is per metre

High Strength - the UHMWPE core ensures the cord is more than strong enough for tarp and tent guylines - to be honest it is overkill.
High Visibility - don't trip over your guylines again with the reflective tracers ensuring good visibility at night.
Durability - UV resistant polyester sheath
Low weight - due in part to the UHMWPE core
Low Stretch

Material: UHMWPE core. Polyester sheath with reflective tracer
Diameter: 1.8mm
Breaking strength: 190kg
Weight per metre: 2.3g
Country of Origin: China


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Verified purchaseSydney12 October 2020

Used the shackles on the bandy-bandy cord for my tarp ridgeline as Prusik knots to keep the tarp in alignment. Really high quality and really strong as they bite on the bandy-bandy line really tightly. Would recommend!


Verified purchaseSydney12 October 2020

I purchased this to use as a ridgeline for my 4x4 metre tarp and it worked perfectly. The line is absolutely incredibly strong and easy to tie knots with. I used it with the shackles sold here too for Prusik knots. Fantastic product, would purchase again if I need more cord.

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