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Rasant corespun thread



Rasant is a functional sewing thread with a wide variety of uses. The perfect synthesis of polyester core and cotton covering makes Rasant outstandingly efficient‚ not only in the sewing process‚ but in the seam as well.

Available in Rasant 50‚ Rasant 75 and Rasant 120

Rasant 50: The sewing thread for decorative seams on leather and jeans‚ and for closing seams on upholstered furniture and slippers‚ and where a more robust thread is required on stressed seams.
Tex no: 60
1000m cop.
Recommended needle size: 100-110.

Rasant 75 is a good general purpose thread that can be used for tarps‚ tents‚ hammocks‚ stuff sacks clothing and other uses.
Tex no: 40
1000m cop.
Recommended needle size NM 90-100.

Rasant 120 is ideal for quilts‚ sleeping bags‚ clothing and many other uses.
Tex no: 24
1000m cop.
Recommended needle size NM 70-80.

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