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Silnylon 30D Nylon 66

Silnylon 30D Nylon 66



    30denier ripstop nylon with double coated silicone finish and made from high tenacity nylon 66. This is one of the best lightweight silnylons available for tear and tensile strength. Excellent tear & tensile strength‚ UV inhibitors.For use where tensile strength and tear resistance is of primary concern in a lightweight fabric with high water resistance.

    30 Denier
    Finished weight: 50gsm
    Type 66 High Tenacity Nylon.
    Hydrostatic Head rating >1100mm Roll width: 1640mm.

    Colour: Forest Green

    Uses: Tarps‚ tents‚ pack covers‚ tent floors‚ stuff sacks.

    Sold per linear metre.
    Made in the USA.

    We acknowledge and pay our respects to the traditional owners, Elders past and present, of the land upon which we now roam.

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