Peregrine Hammock - Ultralight (1 week lead time)


Weight: 350g (3m hammock with Cloud 1.4 and 10g/m webbing)


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Peregrine hammock is the take anywhere hammock for those that are looking for an ultralight yet comfortable netless hammock. I would only recommend the Cloud 71 for those that have some experience with hammocks, otherwise go for the Cloud 1.4.

The mesh-like ultralight monofilament fabric come in two options: a 20denier (Cloud 71) and  more robust 30D denier Cloud 1.4. The see-through quality of it means you can soak in more of your surrounds. 
The Cloud 71 has a maximum weight rating of 90kg and the Cloud 1.4 has a maximum weight rating of 113kg.
The Cloud 1.4 isn't as compact when packed but is a more robust fabric.

We offer two suspension options both of which involve tying a Beckett Hitch with either 5g/m UHMWPE Woma webbing or 10 g/m UHMWPE. The 5g/m is more ribbon like and half the weight of the 10 but it does have tendency to fold over on itself much more than the 10 which makes the 10 a bit more user friendly.
You get two lengths of webbing at 4m each.

We have found the Beckett Hitch to be the most simple and lightweight option for hanging a hammock.  We have added a toggle to our continuous loop on the hammock which the hitch gets tied below, and when untying the hitch you pull on the toggle which makes releasing the hitch much easier. You can learn the Beckett Hitch by watching Shug's video here -

Cloud 71 - 130g without suspension but including stuff sack. (3m length) 
Cloud 1.4 - 350g with 10g/m webbing and stuff sack (3m Length)

The hammock also comes standard with our usual double ended stuff sack made from Xenon Sil.

This hammock is made to order by us right here in Deloraine, Tasmania and because we do you can get in in a variety of lengths to suit your needs. 

Please note this is an ultralight fabric and as such it needs to be treated with care especially the Cloud 71, that is, ensure it doesn't get dragged along abrasive surfaces and that you don't lay in the hammock with any sharp or abrasive objects that may damage the fabric.. 


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Verified purchaseWarragul01 May 2022

Oh man, this hammock is a dream !! Being 6’4”, I have found it difficult to find ‘my fit’ in a hammock. Having the option to customize the length to 3600mm has made it possible to get the perfect hang. Thanks for yet another great product TierGear Team !!

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