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The Peregrine hammock is our lightweight and compact net-less hammock designed for camping.

The Peregrine has a Stretch Side Mod which forms a footbox that helps prevent your top quilt/sleeping bag and pillow from falling out of your hammock, which can be a problem when sleeping in net-less hammocks.  We offer the ability to have the Stretch Side Mod on all 4 corners of the hammock for maximum versatility but you can easily remove any that you don't need by simply undoing the knot at one cord lock, removing the cord lock and pulling the shock cord through the eyelet and hem of the hammock.

The Stretch-Side Mod was first designed by Knotty on Hammock Forums. I contacted Knotty a number of years ago about using it and he was fine with it but I never actually got around to integrating it into our design as we were so busy with other aspects of our business.

Made with high quality lightweight materials. the Peregrine is comfortable, lightweight and robust. 

Colour: Moroccan Blue. Forest Green or Deep Purple


1. Length: Choose the length to suit your needs - 270cm, 300cm, 330cm or 360cm. 

2. Suspension Options:
a. Toggle Suspension System (TSS) - The Toggle Suspension System provides a quick and easy way to hang your hammock without the need for knot tying. Simply wrap your tree strap and whoopie sling around the tree and place the adjustable loop around the toggle and adjust. It doesn't get much easier really. Weight is 103g with 1.8m tree straps for the standard setup or 65g for the ultralight version with UHMWPE Woma straps.
b. Webbing with  June Bug buckle. Simple and easy to use. Weight is 234g.

Please note if you go for the Woma Straps they do have a tendency to fold over on themselves as they are quite thin so this requires you to flatten out the section that is going around the tree prior to using them. If you don't want to do this then go for the standard straps.

2. Ridgeline: 
Add an adjustable ridgeline to your hammock to help dial in the right amount of sag each time. Made from 1.75mm Dyneema Mallee Wire.  Suits all Peregrine hammock lengths
Read more about it here:

Designed, cut and sewn in Deloraine, Tasmania.

Fabric - 40 denier 4 way ripstop nylon. Designed specifically for camping hammocks.

Length - 240cm, 270cm, 300cm, 330cm, or 360cm

Width - 147cm

Weight - 270cm = 260g; 300cm = 300g; 330cm = 320g (without suspension)

Comfort weight limit of the fabric - 158kg. 

Recommended weight limit of suspension: 120kg (this has a built in 5:1 safety factor)

Double ended stuff sack

Continuous Loops

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