Goshawk Hammock


Lead time 16 weeks



Symmetric design allows laying in any direction
Integrated bug net - able to to be rolled up and secured to the ridgeline when not needed
Structural ridgeline - made from 1.75mm Dyneema Mallee Wire
Ridgeline organiser (optional)
The option of #3 or #5 YKK zippers on both sides 
4 x  pull outs to spread the hammock - can be used without
2 x loops at either end for hanging needed items.
Double ended stuff sack (optional)
Hammock is made in Deloraine, Tasmania.

Single Layer or Double Layer: For those that choose to use a pad for insulation a double layer hammock offers the ability to slip the pad between the two layers. The downside of a double layer is that it will add weight and bulk. The inner fabric used will be Hexon 1.0 which offers and nice silky feel and reduces some weight and bulk. The outer fabric will be the standard Hexon 1.6.

Blue, Forest Green or Purple

1. Webbing with Dutchware June Bug buckle. Weight is 234g.
2. Toggle Suspension System; Weight is 105g for the standard or 65g for the ultralight version with our UHMWPE Woma straps. The TSS consists of: 2 x tree straps (Australian made 25mm poly webbing or UHMWPE straps); 2 x whoopie slings (Australian made UHMWPE rope); 2 x continuous loops (Australian Made UHMWPE rope); 2 x toggles

Please note if you go for the Woma Straps they do have a tendency to fold over on itself as they are quite thin like ribbon so this requires you to flatten out the section that is going around the tree prior to using them. If you don't want to have a certain fiddle factor then go for the standard straps.

Add Soft Shackles:
Our soft shackles are made from Australian made UHMWPE rope and are designed to replace a metal carabiner. They can be useful to use if you prefer to not thread the tree strap back through it's own loop, which can make the webbing suspension in particular quicker to use as you can leave the webbing attached to the June Bug Buckle.

Zipper size: 
1. #3 - our ultralight option. Save some weight and pack size. Weight is 9.8g/m. Weight saving would be approximately 63g but you will sacrifice some durability in the long term.
2. #5  - go for this size if your priority is increased durability and weight isn't the main concern. Weight is 18.8g/m. 

Ridgeline Organiser: provides you with somewhere to hold smaller objects

Double Ended Stuff Sack:  Allows quick and easy deployment of your hammock. If you choose not to have this your hammock will come without any stuff sack. 


To hang your hammock using the HTSS:

1. Wrap the tree strap around the tree and pass the whoopie sling through the tree strap loop. The height that you will need to place the strap on the tree will depend on how far apart the trees are but starting just above head height a good place to start, you can always adjust it later if need be. The hammock should be at a comfortable sitting height. Repeat for the other strap and whoopie.

2. Attach the adjustable loop of the whoopie sling over one of the toggles, ensuring it is on the knot not on the toggle.

3. Walk the hammock to the other tree and again place the adjustable loop of the whoopie over the toggle.

4. Adjust as necessary until your suspension is roughly at a 30 degree angle (this is the optimal hanging angle for most gathered end hammocks).

5. Once you have adjusted the whoopie slings always milk the bury (run your fingers along the section through which the rope passes through itself).

6. Do a final check to ensure everything is situated as it should be, sit on the hammock and check the height is correct. Adjust if necessary.


Length = 300cm or 335cm

Width = 150cm

Weight = 612g with #5 zipper and polyester mesh (does not include suspension)

Comfort weight rating of fabric = 158kg. 

Weight limit of suspension is 120kg with a 5:1 safety factor built in (assuming an approximate 30 degree hang angle)

Fabric: High tenacity 40 denier 4 way ripstop.


335cm Single layer/#3 zipper/23gsm net/ No Ridgeline Organiser = 482g(including stuff sack)

335cm Single layer/#3 Zipper/32gsm net/No Ridgeline Organiser = 526g (including stuff sack)

335cm Single layer/#5 zipper/23gsm net/Ridgeline Organiser = 598g (including stuff sack)

335cm Single layer/#5 zipper/32gsm net/Ridgeline Organiser = 614g (including stuff sack)

335cm Double layer/#5 zipper/ 32gsm net/No ridgeline organiser = 813g (including stuff sack)


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steve rogers

Verified purchaseHobart15 January 2021

Glorious few sleeps so far. No criticisms and light enough to take as an extra to the tent if the packs not too full.

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