Lightload Towels - 30 x 30cm - Single



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Features :

COMPRESSED FOR EASY STORAGE, REUSABLE AND LIGHT WEIGHT FOR TRAVEL: If you spend a lot of time on the go, traveling; hiking and camping, saving weight and space in your travel bag, backpack, camping or hiking gear matters. Our small hand towel is so light weight at 5.7g (9g with wrapping). We vacuum pack it into cubes which space saves for other packables, like food, water and survival gear. It can also be used over and over to clean, wipe and dry.

MULTIUSE: Lightload Towels were created as a cleaning towel for long distance hiker’s personal care. In time we found they offered more. They are great for first aid as bandages, emergency care as blankets, tactical gear as fire starters, Protective gear for static electricity, and remedies for skin irritations. They store easily in your backpack and luggage also in survival bags and bug out kits, Hunters, fishermen, boy scouts, golfers, cyclists, preppers, gym goers all use the towels.

SUPERB PERSONAL CARE MAGIC TOWEL: Our towels are made of award winning Lyocell It’s not microfiber but derived from sustainable wood and plant scraps that are breathable, antibacterial, hypoallergenic and burnable. Our camp towels are a wash cloth or a wipe, always clean, fresh in the package and fast drying. A water resistant layer was added to the package so you can quick dry in wet weather. Wash the cloth? Just pack in a pocket or mesh camp bag, throw in the machine and clean.

SUPER ABSORBENT QUICK DRY & HYGIENIC: Lightload Towels have superb water management properties. These towels absorb more than 9.5 times their weight. Cotton and Microfiber towels don’t come close to this feat. It’s also the excellent water management that keeps the towels naturally antibacterial, as the water wicking moves the bacteria away from harming you. The towels water wicking breathability also keeps the skin cool in warm and warm in cool weather.

Weight: 5.7g (9g with wrapping)
Size: 30 x 30cm

Price is for a single towel

Weight: 5.7g
Size: 30 x 30cm


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Verified purchaseTasmania11 February 2022

Who would have thought such a tiny towel could work so well? Surprisingly effective for drying yourself or your tent and quick to dry.

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