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The Deuce Scoop is the ultimate ultralight titanium “potty trowel”. It has a perfect blend of size, weight and strength. They are made from Aerospace Grade 5 Titanium which makes them super strong for their weight, they are precision cut, then they are run through a vibratory tumbler so the edges are silky smooth and lastly they are bent on a specialty made jig in three places to increase strength and optimize scooping power. The trowel measures 18cm long x 5cm wide x .22 grams. Made by Dutchware, and of course they are Made in the USA.

Size:  18 x 5cm
Weight: 22g
Made in the USA


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Verified purchaseSunshine Coast24 August 2020

while not the actual lightest trowel available (some aluminium options are a few grams lighter) this has a longer and more comfortable handle and is strong and durable. I have had no problems digging in a variety of soil types including gravel and roots. while for me, its not the sort of thing I use regularly and will be in my pack 99.9% of the time, Its small and light enough that i'm willing to leave it in there with the knowledge that if I do need to use it, it will be up to the job.

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