Friends of Tier Gear

We are lucky to have a steady band of small Australian makers of outdoor gear that share many of our values, produce top quality gear and offer great service. It can be a hard slog for small Aussie businesses to compete on the world stage so I would encourage you to support these businesses along with us and let's see where we can take this. There are many other Australian makers out there so seek them out.

Bikepacking and other cycling gear
*Industrial Sewing Workshop -
*Overland Gear Australia -*Hungry -
*Terra Rosa Gear -
*Wilderness Threadworks -

Bushwalking/Camping Gear
*Tier Gear -
*Campers Pantry -
*TasGear -*Terra Rosa Gear -
*Wilderness Threadworks -
*Murchison River Swags -

*Expedition Kayaks -
*Flat Earth Kayak Sails -
*One Tree Canoe Company -
*Simply Oarsome -

*Kohutt -

*Low Vis Gear -

*Wilderness Threadworks -
*Murchison River Swags -
*SurQuip -
*Industrial Sewing Workshop -

Outdoor Clothing

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