Wilderness Wear Merino Outdoor Clothing

One of our values is to provide support to other Australian manufacturers. It can be a hard gig being a local manufacturer and anyone who gives it a crack deserves support.
Wilderness Wear are an Australian company based in Victoria who make outdoor technical clothing, and have been doing so for many years. They have certain qualities that make them a great choice for your walking adventures.

1. Australian made - providing employment to a small team in Victoria.

2. Non-mulesed Tasmanian Merino - supporting local farmers implementing ethical practices.

3.Comfortable - high quality materials combined with a technical fit.

4. Durable - well made using the best materials and designed with the outdoors in mind.

Why buy local?

  • Supporting local manufacturing helps provide meaningful local jobs.Maintains a skill base.
  • Provides a sense of connection to the person who makes the stuff that you consume.
  • Provides the local manufacturer with the potential for ongoing growth.
  • Buying local is environmentally beneficial especially when local materials are used.  

So let's support Australian manufacturing and continue to have a country that makes things not just consumes them.

You can check out the Wilderness Wear range of products that we currently stock here -

Wilderness Wear.